Simona & Jeosafa

Simona and Jeosafa are sent on missions by Betel Church from Oradea. Simona has served in Mozambique from 2004. She was born in a family that loves God but the radical change of her life happened when she was 16 and she was baptized in the Holy Spirit. In 2001, studying in the Bible school, she realized that there are still many nations that have never heard the Gospel and that the little she had could be used by God for His Kingdom. Jeosafa is from Brazil and has served as a missionary from 2009. The two met in Mozambique being part of the same missionary team and got married in 2016. Together they are involved in evangelism and church planting in tribes from unreached areas, children ministry, youth ministry (organizing Bible courses and conferences for discipleship and equipping for evangelism), literacy ministry, but also relief projects for orphans, refugees, and needy people.

Missionaries in Africa
Misionari în Africa