Sarah & Ibrahim

Ibrahim and Sarah are members of Alfa and Omega Church in Turda. They have two kids: Moise and Ionatan.

Ibrahim graduated from Theological College of Arad, and Alexandra has a background in economics.
In the past, both of them were involved in mission ministry but in separate ways. Ibrahim served in Oltenia for two years, while Sarah went on short-term mission trips to India and Sudan; she was also involved in the church’s mission department. Before going to the mission field, Ibrahim served as a preacher, a presbyter, and was a member of the church committee.

In 2019, God spoke to them through a prophet and called them to become missionaries. They attended courses at the Romanian Center for Cross-Cultural Studies.
Since August 2023, Ibrahim and Sarah, along with their kids, began their ministry in a country in Northern Africa.

Missionaries in Africa
Misionari în Africa