Ionuț Vlad

Ionuț graduated from the Naval Academy “Mircea cel Bătrân” in 2008, and in 2011, he graduated from the Faculty of Navigation and Naval Transport at the Maritime University of Constanța.

He served as an officer in the Navy, occupying various positions on combat ships and in operations centers of the Romanian Naval Forces. Currently, he holds certification and experience as a Commander for maritime ships.

Ionuț is married to Cristina, and they are parents to three girls: Caty, Rebeca, and Ilinca. As a family, they served for 7 years on the Logos Hope ship alongside 400 volunteers from OM Ships, bringing knowledge, aid, and hope to people around the world through literature, humanitarian projects, and by sharing their faith in Jesus.

Currently, Ionuț is the executive director at the CRST mission school and occasionally is serving on the ship. He resides in Constanța and actively engages in activities at Betel Pentecostal Church.

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