Thea & Amos

Amos & Thea * are sent in the mission field by Teofania Baptist Church from Cluj-Napoca and Vestea Bună Pentecostal Church from Oradea. Amos is from Oradea and he studied Medicine and completed his residency in Cluj-Napoca. Thea completed her university and master in Physical Geography, Meteorology-Hydrology specialization.  From their teenage God’s Spirit born them again and both had sought to serve God in different ways, in the church and outside it.

After years of prayers and unrest, each of them understood the need to make disciples where people are less exposed to the Gospel. In 2016 they became a family and in 2018 they were blessed by God with two children.  Amos & Thea * serve in a South-East Asian country from 2017 and they are involved in mobilizing the local church through the Simply Mobilizing courses and disciple making. 

Missionaries in Asia
Misionari în Asia