Mariam & Ratmir

Ratmir and Mariam with their daughter, Amina, are sent by Farul Church from Constanța in partnership with OM.

Mariam, the only believer in her family and in her village, turned to God during highschool through a family of believers from Galați by whom she was taken in lodgers. A couple of pensioners were light for her so that later the light of Jesus would reach through her till the ends of the earth. Ratmir comes from a Tartar Muslim Communist family and received the Good News after it was preached by the South-Korean missionaries.

They serve in a Central Asian country starting from 2007 being involved in church planting, in evangelizing street people, in sport evangelism, Ratmir using his teacher abilities. In the local church, Ratmir preaches and Mariam works with the women.

Missionaries in Asia
Misionari în Asia