Vasilică Croitor eng

Born in the North part of the country, Vasilică Croitor moved to a mission field in the South in 1997 after graduating from Pentecostal Theological Institute in Bucharest. From 1997 he is the pastor of Betleem Pentecostal Church in Medgidia and of a network of churches in the area.

He is a founding member of APME and has often visited Asia and Africa promoting foreign missions.

In Constanța Pentecostal Regional Community he held the position of president between 2014 and 2018.

Starting from 2018, he is part of the team who set the foundation of Alianței pentru Răspândirea Evangheliei Acasă [Alliance for Sharing the Gospel in Romania], a project of domestic mission. As author, translator, and editor, he coordinated the releasing of over one hundred books in Romanian, through the Succeed Publishing House.

He is married to Mihaela and together they have three children, Denisa, Beniamin and Miriam.

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