Elena & Nicu

Nicu and Elena are sent on the mission field by Farul Church from Constanța. Elena turned to God after a miraculous healing and got the calling to mission through a vision. Starting from 1997 she was engaged in the Islamic community from Dobrogea and from 2001 she served among the Turks in Istanbul. Nicu turned to God after attending a Christian conference where he had a vision with Jesus telling him his life had no meaning without Him. In 2005 they got married and they continued the missionary journey as a couple in Turkey. When the borders of Turkey closed for them in 2011, they continued the ministry among the Turks from Haskovo, Bulgaria. They are engaged in church planting, in evangelism among Turks, Bulgarians, Pomaks (Muslim Bulgarians), Turkish and Bulgarian Roms from the South part of the country and in literacy for children through the after-school project.

Missionaries in Europe
Misionari în Europa