Antora & Onik

Onik and his wife Antora are sent in the cross-cultural ministry by a Pentecostal church in Banat. They started serving in 2011 but separately, his wife Antora in a South-East Asian country and Onik in a South African country. In 2015, due to problems with obtaining the visa, Onik moved in the same country in Asia. Both of them were raised in Christian families and from  young ages they got to know the Lord and understood He is calling them to ministry. In 2016 they met in the field going to the same language school and got married in January 2018. They were blessed with two children: Hanima and Cobir. They work among students from university campuses in capital and support the local church in evangelism and discipleship. They understood God called them not only to share the Good News in the country but also to teach others to share it. They are happy to see local Christians understanding the importance of this ministry and going out to share with others about Jesus. In 2009 they became part of a local NGO through which they teach English.

Missionaries in Asia
Misionari în Asia