Elisa & Palko

Palko* and Elisa*, with the two daughters Amalia* and Diana*, are sent in missions by Filadelfia Church from Călan, Hunedoara county.

God put on their heart the cross-cultural mission about 10 years ago, but their calling materialized in the autumn of 2018 when they left in a Middle East country. In preparing for missions, Palko* graduated Theology and Elisa* graduated Accounting.

God opened several doors especially to serve in the refugee camp sharing the Gospel and providing relief, but also teaching English to children in refugee families who have no opportunity to attend local schools. Also, they want to be as useful as possible in discipling the new Christians coming from the Islamic background which can in turn actively get involved through evangelistic actions in their areas and in church planting.

Missionaries in Asia
Misionari în Asia