Marius & Rut eng

Marius and Rut with their three children – Patrick, Elliot și Christa, are sent in foreign mission by Philadelphia Church from Mansue, Italy.

From her childhood, Rut got to know many things about Got, but one special day when the Holy Spirit filled her and she dedicated her life to the Lord, she felt that she had to invest her energy in the lives of those who need His Love.Although he spent his holidays in short term missions, Marius didn’t have peace. An inner voice was telling him he would find peace if he would dedicate his life to mission. And the decision brought him fulfillment.

They met at CRST where they were preparing themselves for missions, they got married in 2015, and immediately after graduation they left long term on the mission field. They served in Mongolia for four years and since June 2021 they have been in Ethiopia and are involved in church planting, in preaching the Word of God, and in organizing and helding Bible studies.

Missionaries in Ethiopia