Hadasa & Simion

Hadasa is sent in missions by the Elim Pentecostal Church from Bucharest. From her childhood her mother guided her in God’s way and when she was 11-12 years, reading the New Testament, she got to know God’s love for her and started to develop a personal relationship with Him. During highschool, God put on Hadasa’s heart a deep compassion for people around her who were not saved and helped her to understand that the only thing that deserved to invest her life was to help others to know Him. When she was 17, God called her in missions and after finishing highschool she enrolled in the Romanian Centre of Cross-Cultural Studies. In the summer of 2017 God spoke to her through a dream about the need of missionaries in a Central Asian country. Relying on what God told her, from 2019 he shares the Gospel to the people in that country and she is involved in the following fields: students ministry, friendship evangelism, and disciple making.

Missionary in Central Asia