Iulia & Doru

Doru and Iulia are part of the Elim Pentecostal Church from Pitești.  Iulia understood the great need of mission workers listening to the testimonies of the students of the Romanian Centre of Cross-Cultural Studies and after she decided to prepare herself for ministry, God healed her from epilepsy. After a lot of personal unrest, God spoke to Doru through a dream to seek the Kingdom of God and to go to the unreached ethnical groups and to give them the Gospel message. Doru and Iulia took the courses of Romanian Centre of Cross-Cultural Studies. After graduation, God guided them towards Sri Lanka where they lived for approximately 2 months, but due to Julia’s health problems and the fact that Sri Lanka is closed because of Covid 19, for a maximum period of two years or until the considerable improvement of Julia’s health, they will get involved in planting a church in Călimănești (Vâlcea ), together with the Association for the Spread of the Gospel at Home (AREA) of the Pentecostal Christian Cult.

Missionaries at AREA